Singapore 50

Client: Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth 
Agency: Ogilvy Singapore

For Singapore’s jubilee year, or SG50, Singaporeans came out in droves in a show of pride and solidarity. It was after all a celebration of the ‘Singapore spirit’.

The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) firmly believed that this spirit was the key to building the nation’s future. The challenge was keeping it alive after the of SG50 celebration ended.


For a young nation like Singapore, turning 50 is quite a big deal. But majority of Singaporeans have become increasingly jaded over the years and didn’t see a meaning in being part of this national milestone. To launch what would be a multi-phased campaign spanning two years, we created and designed 49 red icons featuring uniquely “Singaporean” things, and placed them in many different spots all over the island. We gave Singaporeans 49 reasons to celebrate the Little Red Dot.


Our Void Deck

The Singapore spirit seems to mean different things to different people, but really it lives in all the things that Singaporeans do and the unique ways in which they do them. Nothing brings that quite to life than the humble void deck.


SG Future: SuperHero Me

In the next phase of the campaign, we wanted to cast an eye towards the future of the country by showing how Singaporeans are changing the country one idea at a time.


Aside from film, we celebrated these ideas through outdoor posters,
each ending with a call to action encouraging people to work towards their own ideas for the future.


The Real Social Network 

In a country known for their obsession with social media, we encouraged people to ditch the keyboard and mobile phones in favour of a more passionate, unfiltered social network: Sport.

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