Meet Dotty

Client: BBH Singapore
Agency: BBH Singapore


Having an office pet is an animal lover’s dream come true and is known to not only add fun but also increase collaboration and productivity at the workplace. In a bid to add playfulness to its office, BBH Singapore has adopted a virtual pet black sheep fondly christened by employees as Dotty.

Making use of Flip-Dot display, we brought to life a tamagotchi-style virtual pet called Dotty in the BBH Singapore office. Just like a real pet, employees will need to feed Dotty when it’s hungry, play with it when it’s bored and clean up when it makes a mess. When treated right, it will be able to extend birthday greetings, greet clients, give lunch recommendations and even take a selfie with office friends. The sheep also has its own email address which is used to send passive-aggressive reminders when ignored.


“How do you have all the benefits of an office pet with none of the downside? You can tell our creative tech team had a bit of fun with this one. And it’s even compatible with our new working pattern.”
– John Hadfield, CEO of BBH Singapore


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