Nike Battle Force Live

Client: NIKE
Agency: BBH Singapore


Nike’s Battle Force is an annual event that celebrates basketball culture by inviting fans to compete in slam dunk contests, rap battles and dance-offs. It demands significant investment to bring together an audience of hundreds of fans, with the ultimate objective of spreading basketball culture.


In 2018, we didn’t just bring fans to an event, we transformed the event into an entertainment platform that millions of fans could experience: Battle Force Live on IG Stories.

A new social-media format segmented like a LIVE TV show,created to broadcast the best moments from the event. By using IG functionalities, it instantly puts the viewers in the control room, allowing them to curate the content and influence the event, as it happens.

The event was shot by multiple camera crews and edited in real time, in order to be approved by the clients and distributed by 3 media partners within minutes. This approach allowed us to shoot tailor made content for each partner, whether it was music, arts or sports content.

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