Teemo Treasure Trek

Client: Riot Games LA
Agency: BBH Singapore


League of Legends Wild Rift Lunar Event: TEEMO TREASURE TREK

Although Lunar New Year is celebrated by 1.5 billion people around the world, a common misconception is that it’s celebrated the same way everywhere. As one of the most popular games in the world, League of Legends saw our Lunar event as the perfect opportunity to highlight the diversity of our communities. So we created Teemo’s Treasure Trek: a delicious journey to the East starting with a cinematic. 


Teemo our Fortune Cat ventured across 8 cities, asking for 8 local store recommendations for cultural delicacies. Fans who followed the trek on ground were delighted to find rewards at each store. To ground Teemo’s trek in real tradition, he collected these delicacies into an 8 Treasure Box: A Lunar New Year gift which contains food that symbolise good fortune. After Teemo filled his 8 Treasure Box with the flavours of the world, we wanted to bring them into the game world which Teemo lived in: Runeterra. To do this, we worked closely with stores that Teemo visited to translate their homemade specialties into accurate 3D renders for our reunion cinematic. Finally, fans saw their versions of Lunar New Year represented while Teemo shared a heartwarming homecoming with his in-game friends.



Lunar New Year is not just a time for loved ones to connect, but tight-knit gaming squads too. So to give Taiwanese gamers a reason to reunite, we found a new way that allows them to celebrate what they love – variety food shows and video games. The Hotpot Showdown saw streamers battle it out in the League of Legends: Wild Rift mobile game, destroying monsters in exchange for food. Turning a battlefield into a food menu, cultural delicacies were tagged to gaming objectives on the map. The hour-long show was streamed live on social platforms, inspiring many to make Lunar celebrations their own.


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