Reverse Global Warming

Client: Greenpeace
Agency: Ogilvy Singapore

Greenpeace is leading the fight against climate change. But to get world leaders to take positive action, they couldn’t do it alone. They needed the public’s support. While people knew about climate change, few could see the significant impact of their contributions.

We designed an installation that showed people the positive effect of their contributions, just as they make them. One that, at first, depicts water dripping from an iceberg. But when someone made a pledge or a donation via NFC or QR code, the water was triggered to reverse. Demonstrating, quite simply, how a little support can have a significant impact.


The installation was made with a combination of strobe lights pulsing at specific frequencies, and a pre-programed water pump. By adjusting these pulses to the rate of the water drops, we were able to determine the way the water appeared to move. The experience could only be triggered by a mobile action, and was the first time stroboscopic motion technology has been used to such effect.


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